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Water Damage Rugs

Oriental rugs might need professional restoration. This is where we come in. We have been restoring Oriental rugs for over 30 years. We restore all types of rugs. Consult with a professional today. Whether it is Persian, Chinese, antique or any other type of Oriental rug we will pick up and delivery your rug fully restored. Ask to see our portfolio today.

Hiring A water Damage Rug Specialist

Water damage is pretty devastating. The aftermath of water damage is destroyed property and possibly mold. It affects the walls, floors and any other items that come into contact with water.

One of the things commonly destroyed after water damage is rugs. These are usually the first casualty when the water enters the house. If the water damage is from a storm of a burst sewer, then the rug may be harder to restore. However, there are water damage rug specialists who can help you out with the issue.

When hiring a rug specialist to restore a rug after water damage, there are certain qualities to look for. These ensure that the specialist is equipped to handle the job.

One, make sure that they have experience. This will allow them to know the proper way to handle the rug without damaging it. Their experience will come in handy when deciding the methods to use to restore the rug. They will also use their expertise to get rid of any stains or mold that may be growing on the rug, especially if it had stayed damp for a while.

Two, make sure that they have the right equipment. The right tools go a long way in ensuring that you get the rug in a great condition. They must be able to dry it, clean it and remove any dirt and germs that is on the rug. For this, they require the right tools as well as skills.

Three, check that they are trustworthy. You can check online to see if they have a great reputation. They should be able to provide great quality work. Do not hire any rug specialists to restore your rugs after water damage before vetting them to see if you can trust that they will offer the best services.