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Rug Repair

Oriental rugs can get damaged over years or by accident. We have been repairing Oriental rugs for over 30 years. At ABC rug repair division we repair all types of rugs. Consult with a professional today. Whether it is Persian, Chinese, antique or any other type of Oriental rug we will pick up and delivery your rug fully repaired.

The Guide To Oriental Rug Repair

One of the easiest yet luxurious ways to enhance the flooring in your home is with an oriental rug covering. These rugs add a layer of warmth and beauty to any room. Once you place one in a room, you hope for it to remain in pristine condition for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, due to its function as a floor covering, an oriental rug is subjected to many different types of wear and tear that can cause minor to extensive damage. Some examples of damage are:

  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Irreversible dents caused by heavy furniture
  • Subject to food and liquid spills
  • Moths eating the fibers of the rug

Oriental ABC Rug Cleaners Your Local NY Experts

Although regular cleaning and maintenance can help the rug maintain a showroom appearance, there are times when the only way you will be able to offset long-term wear and tear is with oriental rug repair. The primary goal of this type of repair is to prevent further deterioration and damage while preserving the value and beauty of the rug at the same time. If you do need ABC Rug cleaners in NYC do not hesitate to give us a call.

Before we discuss the different types of repairs done on an oriental rug, it is important to know the steps to take if you begin to see the damage.

Repair The Rug As Quickly As Possible

Getting the rug repaired quickly will go a long way in preserving its beauty. By acting quickly, you can prevent a simple, inexpensive repair from becoming one that is larger, complicated and more expensive. Ideally, oriental rug repairs in NYC should be done as soon as you notice damage has occurred.

If you choose to ignore it, you will only make the problem worse. However, regular maintenance every 5 years will allow generations of family members the opportunity to enjoy the rug.

Have The Rug Repaired By A Professional

A credible rug repair professional will take the time to ensure he/she has the right materials, tools, and equipment needed to complete the repair. The master weaver will also explain the repair process to you, as well as the cost. This means that no work will begin until everything is approved by you.

Some of the most common repairs are needed for damage such as:

Oriental Area Rugs Professionally Repaired

A craftsman with experience will be able to make the repairs in such a way so it would be difficult to distinguish the repair work from the original work. 

It is very likely that an experienced craftsman will quote you a high price for the repairs, but that should not be a deterrence. Remember, repairs on this type of rug can be very time-consuming. Keep in mind, you get what you pay for.

The good news is that most oriental rugs can be restored back to their original state no matter the type of damage, or the extent of the damage. Even if there is extensive rug damage, consult with a professional repair craftsman before making a decision. Their recommendation will help you determine whether it is in your best interest to keep the rug the rug or toss it out.


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