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Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are beautiful and should be kept with care. We have been cleaning Oriental rugs for over 30 years. We clean all types of rugs. Consult with a professional today. Whether it is Persian, Chinese, antique or any other type of Oriental rug we will pick up and delivery your rug clean.

Rug Services We Offer

  • Pool Treatment
  • Handwash
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Soaking
  • Pet Stain Removal
  • Specialty Treatment With Detail

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Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are beautiful, decorative pieces, but like most other items in your home, they have to be cleaned in order to look their best over time. It is important to give your Oriental rug a cleaning once per year, at minimum. Of course, you can take your rug to an expert to have them clean it if you would like. But, you can also handle the cleaning yourself, as long as you go slowly and remember that the rug is fragile. The following steps will help you make your Oriental rug look like new again.

Vacuum The Rug

The first step in the rug cleaning process is removing loose debri and dust from the rug. It is best to take it out of the house before you start this process. Also, watch out for the fringe as you vacuum your rug, if the fringe gets sucked up into the machine, you could have a problem on your hands and will need repairs that is why it is always best to leave it to a professional.

Wash The Rug

Our FREE Pickup and delivery makes this process easy. We will take your Oriental rug to our Gallery in NYC where professional rug cleaners will wash your rug with a proven process. We use organic solutions and soak the Oriental rug for a specific time. Using machines, we wash off the rug, targeting both sides of it until it is very wet. We use organic and green detergents that is suitable for delicate fabrics. This process should never be taking on by someone with out experience. Being gentle, and understanding  .

Rinse And Dry

Once we have the rug sufficiently washed, it is time to rinse it off and get all the suds out. This can take some time and we do this in our facility as well. We will remove all detergents and assure stains and soils were removed as well.

After that, the only thing left is for the rug to dry! Sounds simple but we have a system for this as well. Moving the rug to our drying room in the rug facility for a specific time and in rotation.

Our fully professional facility has the machines, systems and expert techniques to get the job done correctly. With Oriental rugs, the best way to clean them is to do have it done by an expert. The last thing you want to do is rip, tear or fray your Oriental rug. Having you Oriental rug taking care of on a yearly basis will keep your Oriental rug in good shape year after year.